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The artwork depicts the Valley Parkway on the Rocky River in Ohio (USA), which has been designated as a National Scenic Byway and one of America’s ten most outstanding scenic byways. These fine over-painted prints can be purchased individually or as a set. 23” x 23” each, 48” x 48” as a set. Gallery wrapped edges on 1-1/2 inch stretchers, ready to hang. Set of 4 - $599

The Four Seasons at Cleveland Museum of Art Lagoon: Captured with photography while standing on the steps in front of the lagoon during the height of each season. This piece is a giclee print overpainted with oils and a scraping technique, then mounted and framed, 24 x 36” size. Price $950

The Four Seasons at Spencer Creek: Captured while standing in Spencer Creek near the artist’s home during the height of each season.

This piece is a giclee print on canvas with four seasons overpainted and gallery wrapped on 1-1/2” stretchers, suitable for hanging without a frame, 16” x 30”. Price $299

© Carla J. Blackman

© Carla J. Blackman

© Carla J. Blackman

For more information please contact Carla Blackman    E-mail:    Phone: 440-623-9673

©2016 Four Seasons by Carla Blackman. All Rights Reserved.



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